Your domain, your NFT.
100x faster, cheaper, safer and ready for DeFi.
The best way to own domains.

Secure your DNS ownership on the blockchain with Namefi NFTs.

Minted upon import and burned upon export, your domain's NFT ensures verified and visible ownership.
Number of TLDs Supported
Marketplaces Integrated

Namefi Features

  • Faster, Safer

    Transactions settle in secs, not days, in a decentralized database.
  • AI Potential

    AI to reveal the true potential of domains you own, from description to designs.
  • DeFi Ready

    Your domain as collateral, integrated to DeFi protocols, trading at NFT marketplaces.

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  • EthereumEthereum
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Our Assets

NFT Asset

Namefi NFT

Namefi NFT is a crypto asset issued to represent your DNS ownership on the blockchain.

Your NFT is minted when you import and burned when you export your DNS domain with us.

Proudly supporting

  • OpenSeaOpenSea
  • LooksRareLooksRare
  • TellerTeller

Namefi's smart contract



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